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Boudoir by Nitesh Square
Sara Ali Khan / Sushant Singh Rajput
Sara Ali Khan
Boudoir by Nitesh Square
Boudoir by Nitesh Square
Boudoir by Nitesh Square
Sara Ali Khan
Sara Ali Khan / Sushant Singh Rajput
Sara Ali Khan / Sushant Singh Rajput
Boudoir by Nitesh Square
Nauheed Cyrusi by Nitesh Square
Grisha Liliput by Nitesh Square
Kirti Kulhari (JAL) by Nitesh Square
Sheetal Thakur by Nitesh Square
Roshni Chopra by Nitesh Square
Meenakshi Dixit by Nitesh Square
Pia Trivedi by Nitesh Square
Sapna Bhavnani by Nitesh Square
Shweta Dolli by Nitesh Square
Anindita Nayar by Nitesh Square
Sunburn by Nitesh Square


NITESH SQUARE is a Photographer, Speaker and Traveller. In early 2009, he started experimenting with his camera and by the end of the same year he had become a Professional Photographer. He still calls Photography his Passion not his profession.

Prior to Photography, Nitesh was a Journalist for The Indian Express and DNA in India. He is currently based out of Mumbai but travels through Asia and around the create memories. Once in a year he does Fiazi Safar; which means he travels thousands of miles without carrying any money on him to experience the World of Humility. OR he travels every year in different countries to collect and gift pictures and spread happiness.

Through his penniless journeys he wants to see how does one feel on denial of help? Does it hurt our ego, do we feel insecure, do we get angry and what is our tolerance level. Also to see how people react to a stranger with empty pockets. In todays day and age, how easy is it to put faith in strangers? 

For his Photography, since April 2012 he works on "Gift Economy/Giftivism" philosophy which is "Pay from your heart, Pay what you can, Pay it forward”,  which essentially means your assignment charges are already paid by someone-else in the past and in order to continue this cycle of art and giving, you pay whatever your heart says.
(stopped between May 2021 - August 2023)

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